Calcium based sorbent calcination, sintering and sulfation reaction models overview

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Ivan Tomanović
Srđan Belošević
Aleksandar Milićević
Nenad Crnomarković


Several models considering the pulverized sorbent reactions with pollutant gases were developed over the past years. In this paper, we present a detailed overview of available models for direct furnace injection of pulverized calcium sorbent suitable for potential application in CFD codes, with respect to implementation difficulty and computational resources demand. Depending on the model, variations in result accuracy, data output, and computational power required may occur. Some authors separate the model of calcination reaction, combined with the sintering model, and afterwards model the sulfation. Other authors assume the calcination to be instantaneous, and focus the modelling efforts toward the sulfation reaction, adding the sintering effects as a parameter in the efficiency coefficient. Simple models quantify the reaction effects, while more complex models attempt to describe and explain internal particle reactions through different approaches to modelling of the particle internal structure.


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Tomanović, I., Belošević, S., Milićević, A., & Crnomarković, N. (2018). Calcium based sorbent calcination, sintering and sulfation reaction models overview. HEMIJSKA INDUSTRIJA, 72(6), 329–339.
Chemical Engineering - Process Modeling


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